Monday, February 27, 2012

And so i wait

All secrets revealed, nothing left to hide, my shameful acts exposed. But You already knew.

How did You walk that line? Did You know i'd confess my transgressions with time? Such patience and wisdom, so much more than i.

And now i wait for that which i deserve. Remorseful for the pain i caused, eternally grateful for your acceptance of my failings. When You call for me, i shall walk the walk of shame and kneel before You. i do not wish for mercy, i will endure. 

For it is You that has taught me the pureness of love. And it is You who i will serve with absolute devotion. And so i wait.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Masters relief

  I can feel her warm breath against my thighs when she stops for air. I see her red silky hair spill around her face and onto my legs as she slowly takes me into her mouth. Perfect rhythm. Perfect warmth. Perfect sucking. I see her lead me from excitement to passion straight to the raw thrill of my orgasm as it flows across her tongue. She massages me with her warm soft mouth. My back bows up off of the bed in ecstasy as I hold onto her hair and feel my hard cock finally release as it pumps into her throat. Her blue eyes filled with passion and electricity stare up at me as she keeps swallowing and pulling my cum out of me in gushes. She doesn't release until a minute after I am spent inside of her mouth. Her hands slide up my chest as she climbs slowly to mount my cock. It's not over tonight. Who is the Master? Who is in control? I penetrate her tight body as she lowers onto me,  and I wonder...

Friday, February 10, 2012


 A look, a command, a collar; a private exchange between a Dominant & submissive that can trigger those intense Ds feelings.
The theater was crowded; Daddy & I were holding hands and watching the movie. I reached for my water and needed my other hand to unscrew the cap. When I tried to pull it away Daddy wouldn’t let go. He kept His eyes fixed on the screen and squeezed my hand tighter so I couldn’t free it if I tried. We said nothing, I held up the water bottle and Daddy took off the cap with his free hand. During the movie I’d occasionally start to slip my hand away for one reason or another just to be reminded I did not have that freedom.
I was under His control in a theater full of unsuspecting people. Those sweet little butterflies danced inside me. Erotic comfort is the best description I can think of. It’s the comfort of our bond and belonging to my Daddy laced with erotic tingling sensations from His power over me.  I curled up closer to him and resolved to relax with my Big Daddy and just watch the movie. It was never spoken between us, it was simply understood that my hand was to remain in His. Such a simple act yet a powerful reminder that I am His.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Football, Testosterone & Sex

After the Super bowl, I feel sadness like I felt as a child when the Christmas Holiday was over. Football is just so damn sexy! It must be the high levels of testosterone that get me.

I love how happy Daddy is on Sundays. TV blaring, lining up our fantasy teams, chili, wings or con queso heating up in the kitchen, dressed in our fave football jerseys, talking smack on facebook and lots of hot living room sex! That’s how we do football.  

And really, what’s not to like? He gets to enjoy the manly competition, the hard hits, the extraordinary plays and record breaking moments. I share those joys plus I get to see hot dominate males rule the field. I may not root for their teams but damn, Brady, Manning, Quinn, Romo & Tebow are fun to watch. And all that passion; the fire in bad ass Harrisons eyes just before a brutal hit , Palamalu’s unbelievable full body tackles like  a predator attacking its prey, Big Ben’s large stature and amazing endurance, Ward’s irresistible smile,   Mendenhall’s dives into the end zone (whoops, did this sentence disclose my team?). Its full contact, it’s extremely physical, it’s forceful and rough; my kind of playing. 

The big red chair sees a lot of action on Sundays. Whether my head is bobbing while Daddy sits back still watching the game or He bends me over it and pounds me unmercifully, we are very physical fans. When we are fortunate enough to attend which is usually a few games each year, we add tailgaiting, cornhole, friends and the stadium experience to the fun. The sex waits till we get home although I’d love to find a safe spot to have a quickie.  Hhhmmm, put that on my bucket list!

Our jerseys and team paraphernalia are packed away until next season. Once spring arrives I won’t miss football. Yet during the remaining weeks of winter, we are a little lost on Sundays. Perhaps Daddy could start a "training camp" in our living room. Watch a few highlight clips and perfect our Sunday ritual of football, testosterone & sex.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Slavers Kiss

I fall to the floor upon all fours, lowering my head to the ground, ass up high and thighs widely spread, exposing myself to You.
You may touch me tenderly or punish me harshly. You may cuff and bind me so I cannot move. You may gag me so I have no voice. You may blindfold me so my site is gone. And yet, somehow I've never been so free.

Slavers Kisses to You Big Daddy xx

Sketch borrowed from Anna's Art

Thursday, February 2, 2012

4th Time's the Charm

I was starting to fall asleep next to Daddy when he put my hand on his cock. So hard, so big, will sleep later, Big Daddy’s horny! My little hand gripped around His big cock making it stiffen and twitch; an irresistible invitation for my mouth. I rest my head on His lap and lick the bulging head then travel my tongue all over His rock hard cock. He lay back letting me play with it how I wanted. I started kind of lazily fondling it with my tongue and hands but before long I was sucking and fucking Daddy’s cock until He groaned and filled my mouth with His cum.  I swallowed it all and kept licking and lightly sucking until He was thrusting it in my throat. Within minutes Daddy’s moans were louder and He came again. And I still kept Him in my mouth. This time simply holding His half hard dick between my lips and occasionally sucking it like I use to suck my thumb when I was little. It was sweet, he caressed my head while I just played with it gently. To my surprise, He became fully erect all over again and I went at it. For a third time Daddy came and for a third time I swallowed it up then kept Him in my mouth. This time he stayed hard and I kept licking and sucking until my Big Daddy came in my mouth for the fourth time. He was amazed and so was I. I know He can cum four times in a night, but four times in my mouth within thirty minutes was fucking awesome for both of us.     

Ps… there are still some that doubt this is possible. I recently read a man in a forum insisting a man’s body simply can’t have multiples. “It’s a myth, the hydraulics doesn’t work that way” he explained. I didn’t bother to debate the poor fellow; I had my Big Daddy’s smile on my mind. xx

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daddy & Sir's Whore

Last week I served Daddy & his friend. I was such a whore, doing whatever they wanted, pleasing two cocks. At first they took turns with me. Daddy told me to obey His friend and call him Sir. He likes to watch me fuck and get fucked, He likes to show me off, He likes other men to see me gush.

‘Elegant whore’ came to mind as I viewed myself wearing a black camisole, long black lace skirt, heels and black hose. My hair was full, eyes heavily lined with smoky shadows, newly manicured nails, the works. Most important was underneath, a lacy garter with pretty straps embraced my ass hoping to distract from the bruises of last Saturday nights spanking. Matching thong and hose with open toed heels completed the attire. I felt sexy, I knew it would be a long, delicious night.

We chatted over drinks in the sunroom. I was dismissed for a while so Daddy and Sir could talk about me. I wished I knew what they were saying. Daddy hasn’t shared me for over a year, He has grown more possessive and kept me to Himself. I love this side of hHm, it makes tonight more exciting.

Daddy told me to bend over and pull up my skirt. Sir said he would be spanking my ass and adding to the bruises. Next He had me stand and expose my breasts, I had to move to Sir so he could see my nipples. He began pulling and twisting them. Soon I was kneeling at his crotch, feeling him through his pants.  

A lot of it becomes an overwhelming blur. I licked and sucked Sir’s cock. He likes long strokes with my tongue, swirling the head and lots of attention to his balls. I did as I was told then sucked him and took him in my throat. ‘You love sucking cock, don’t you whore?’ ‘Yes Sir’. ‘You love sucking My cock.’ ‘Yes Sir.’  ‘Yea, you love cock. Tell me you love my cock’. ‘I love your cock Sir. I love licking and sucking your cock Sir. Thank you for giving me your cock.’

Daddy fingered me from behind. God, He knows what I like, thrusting in and out, hitting the spots that makes a sub beg her Master to be fucked. He kept me gushing, all over the floor, over and over. Sir’s cock swelled harder each time I squirted. When I asked him what he wanted the most tonight, he said ‘for you to gush on my cock, my balls, my mouth, my fingers, my anything’. I knew I would but knew he couldn’t get me to gush like my Big Daddy could. He knew it too, BD can get me there in seconds, can get me there over and over and over and over. Partly because my body has been his playground for 7 years but also because we have an absolute animal attraction. His movements, His scent, His body, His strength, power, authority combined with a deep love have sent me into thousands of blissful orgasms.

Daddy was ready to be sucked and suddenly I was on my knees serving two cocks. My hair yanked to wherever they wanted me, my hands stroking one cock and my mouth working the other. Between moans, they talked about me as if I wasn’t there.  Daddy was proud, Sir was complimentary. My mind goes blank and my only thoughts are pleasing them, sexual bliss and doing as I’m told.

Next I was ordered to fuck Sir and do whatever he wanted. Daddy would be going in and out of the room. He likes to watch. It turns Him on to see me serve another man. Sir sat back on the couch and made me suck him again. He lifted his ass and I licked and sucked his balls. Before long my head was bobbing up and down on his dick, stopping to beg to have it in me. I straddled, grinded then fucked Sir. I was never sure when Daddy was watching and when He wasn’t.  It didn’t matter, He told me to fuck Sir right, it was my job and that’s what I did. I fucked him reverse cowgirl when Daddy needed His cock sucked again. That was really hot. Sir eventually put me on the floor and pounded me until he came.

At some point, I got a break but can’t recall the order of things. Once Daddy got a hold of me, He used my mouth and pussy hard. Sir watched and kept telling me to take care of my man. I was cumming so much, it was soaking all of us. They both slapped my ass firm and often which made me cum more. Daddy pulled and twisted my nipples hard sending me into complete surrender and I just gushed and moaned and thanked Him like the good and naughty slut I am. He spanked me several times, fast and hard. I needed His punishments.

Daddy told me to suck Sir and make him hard again. It only took a minute or two and Sir’s dick was at attention. He’s sensitive after he cums so I had to be reminded to be gentle. Lol, not use to that with Big Daddy in my life but I know how to do it. I tongued his hard cock and occasionally added light suction. As with every other time that BD left the room, He told me to obey Sir. Yet this time He said ‘I mean it, do whatever he tells you whether you want to or not’. I knew what that meant, knew I’d have to give him my ass.  When Sir demanded it, I complied, first putting lube on both of us. I turned kneeling on the couch and helped him put his dick in my ass then braced my hands on the back of the couch. I pleaded for him to go slow first which he did, he’s smaller than BD so I was able to take him all the way in. In no time Daddy was on the other side of me and my mouth instantly opened for Him. It was so fucking naughty, I was taking it in the ass and the mouth. Daddy made me say it. ‘Where is he fucking you?’ ‘In my ass Daddy.’ Sir spanked me, Daddy fucked my throat, Sir rocked in me harder, Daddy pulled my hair.  Two hard cocks getting off in me, groans and orders, four hands grabbing what they wanted. Daddy said ‘swallow’ and His hot cum filled my mouth and I quickly began swallowing and almost sucking it out of Him. Omg, it was so intense.

Sir took a seat to watch and Daddy made me do everything to Him that I’d done to Sir. I straddled Him, cumming and moaning and riding my Bid Daddy. On the floor He held my legs high and pumped me, then spread them wide and pounded my pussy hard. He made me lay flat on my tummy on the couch and took my ass. ‘What’s Daddy doing to you’, ‘Fucking my ass.’ I was sore by then and began begging Him to cum. He told me to take His cock, He wouldn’t give me mercy. He thrusted in and out of my ass until I was whimpering and pleading. Suddenly, the room filled with His powerful grunts and growls while Daddy came in my ass.

We all sat, exhausted from it all. We said goodnight to Sir and showed him the guest room. I was picking up clothes and getting ready for bed.  Daddy said he needed me again, He held me by the arm and  guided me to the couch where I lied back and spread my legs. I couldn’t believe how much I still came, gushing twice 20 seconds into it. Daddy grabbed my shoulders and  pushed His cock back in my ass. He stroked it in and out but finally pulled out when I pleaded ‘please Daddy, I can’t take anymore’. He put it back in my cunt but didn’t hold back. I knew I had to take this pussy pounding since He’d given me mercy. I took it hard for Him. He came for the 3rd time, once in every hole. Omg, I loved being His naughty whore.

In bed I snuggled on Daddy’s chest and roamed my hands on his body while He stroked his cock and came for a fourth time. Ahhhh, that's my Big Daddy! Goodnight! xx